About Me

Awuor Mugeni (Eva)

My parents named me Eva, after an uncle named Evans. Unfortunately, he passed away before I was born. They also decided to name me Awuor, for my grandmother; a feisty woman who I had the pleasure of knowing. And the displeasure of crossing, innumerably. Some people say I take after her. But, I think I’m named for two many people, to just take after one of them.

I would live in a library, but it has to have a huge walk-in closet filled with beautiful bags and shoes, a kitchen filled with all types of spicy, intercontinental food, a huge TV, lots of sketching paper, pens and colour pencils, an unending stream of beautiful music, a dance coach, and a dog or three. The library would also have to have gigantic glass windows because natural light is everything. A huge garden filled with tropical fruits and flowers just completes the fantasy perfectly. Oh, and a beach. It would have to be a beach library.

Sometime in 2017, I was sure that I’m a Graphic Designer but events cast doubt on that. So, after several years of working very hard and playing very little in a very well lit, air-conditioned advertising agency studio, I find myself asking myself the same question you’re asking me, ‘Who are you?’ (who am I?)

Funcapades and Shenanigans is basically my journey into discovering the answer to that question, in the best way I can think of. Travel and fun times.

In another life, I wouldn’t have dared. But now, I believe it’s my time to live on the edge of certainty.

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The random musings and expressions of a woman on a journey to self-discovery.

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